Know the productivity of your commercial network

QANTO is a Qaleon solution that helps companies to manage the profitability of their commercial network at their points of sale, in real time through mobile access.

QANTO provides all the necessary information, in a simple way through an intuitive menu, facilitating the 'engagement' of the brand with its commercial network.

Benefits of QANTO

For the company

1. Allows access to data from any place and any device to consult the performance data of the commercial network in all the shops:For the company

Scalability in number of users

Hierarchical access

Configurable KPIs

Customisable reports

Ranking and forecasts

Deviation alarms

2. Allows to control and encourage the sales of each commercial.

3. It helps to know the stock of each centre in real time.

For the commercial

With our solution, sales are recorded on the spot, allowing real-time analysis of the progress of the objectives set throughout the month. It allows you to see the evolution of sales during a month, the accumulated sales over several months, the objectives set, the degree of compliance...


Management of each sale in real time

It allows the management and control of each sale made in real time by filtering by product, quantity and total amount.

Stock Control

Facilitates access to product information available at the point of sale.


Incentivizes the sales of the commercial network at no cost to the company and facilitates the fulfillment and surpassing of the objectives set.

Automatic report generation

Automatic generation of reports and sending in a programmed way, with a summary table of the most relevant management aspects for decision making in real time.

Managed, multi-language and multi-country platform

Allows you to configure all the main operational management parameters: Regions, Stores, Product, Rates, Retailers, Stock, Sales, Employees, Sales targets, User Groups, Profiles, etc.

Sectors in which it operates

Consumer goods

Commerce and establishments

Health and pharmaceutical industry

Tourism and hospitality

Finance, insurance and real estate

Technology and telecommunications

Energy and environment

Transport and logistics



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